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Join Our Real Estate Student Affiliate Program
Complete the form below to sign up 

This community is open to all, with no associated costs. 

In return we ask that you commit to:
● Joining Brooks & Davis Real Estate Firm, LLC upon receiving your Texas real estate license and try the company out for at least 30 days

● Devoting the necessary focus, time, & resources for completing your licensing classes, fulfilling any other requirements, and passing your licensing test as quickly as possible


Utilizing the items that Brooks & Davis Real Estate Firm, LLC/@ceocoachmike  is offering you as a part of the membership

● Protect our Brooks & Davis Real Estate Firm, LLC/@ceocoachmike proprietary information that you will have access to on your devices as well as destroy the proprietary information upon termination of your participation with this membership

I’ve read the above and understand what I am receiving and what is being asked of me. All of my questions have been answered and I am ready to move forward with this real estate student affiliate membership being offered by Brooks & Davis Real Estate Firm, LLC/@ceocoachmike
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