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michael g. davis

It is a fantastic time to be a realtor or business owner and Michael Gerard Davis is ecstatic about coaching and helping people peel back the layers that are in the way of them and their business.


It is proven over the last 19 years everything that he has led and everyone he has coached has had colossal growth. Michael G. Davis MNLP, MTT, MHt a.k.a. @CeoCoachMike is a board certified Master Practitioner of Success Coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming(NLP), Time Techniques(TT), Emotional Freedom Techniques(EFT), & Hypnotherapy(Ht). Under his leadership Brooks & Davis Real Estate Firm, LLC has grown from a company of 2 individuals to 140+ sales agent & real estate student affiliate members. Through numerous endeavors @CeoCoachMike has participated in multiple thousands of real estate transactions and over two hundred million dollars worth of real estate sales volume and counting. 

Over a 3 year period he has invested tens of thousands of dollars and 232+ hours in training as a business and life coach. This is close to the amount of hours it takes to get a Doctorate degree in any subject. 


So far, as a leader in business and the real estate industry @CeoCoachMike’s Realtors & clients have realized 214% increases in number of transactions and massive increases in their sales production. He is the real deal!

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